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There are several cleaning services operating in Qatar, abut among all of these cleaning services, there are only a few that will give a comprehensive cleaning as ours. Our skillsets are spread across the cleaning spectrum with services such as window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, laundry and ironing, office cleaning etc. Our services are such a plethora because we possess a repertoire of skilled maids who are dispensed across the city to clean the offices and homes.

The maids who are here at our disposal are of the highest quality because they’ve gone through rigorous cleaning and have had plenty of experience cleaning to perfection myriad households and offices across the city. Theses maids are dispatched with experienced supervisors to ensure that the cleaning occurs according to schedule and every single space in the room is taken into account and nothing is taken for granted.

These are the cleaning services that we are offering:

·         Kitchen Cleaning

·         Office Cleaning

·         Residential Cleaning

·         Steam Cleaning

·         Upholstery-Sofa Cleaning

For more information regarding the services that we offer visit our website or you can call us at 974 70699241 or +974 55654175 or you can e-mail us at

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+974 55654175