Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment for Sale

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Brazilian Keratin is a revolutionary, keratin-based hair treatment that originated in Brazil and has captured the attention of beauty professionals and their clients world-wide.

Keratin, the primary protein of hair, nails and skin, can be remarkably effective as the key component of a conditioning and straightening treatment, transforming hair to an incredibly healthy, shiny, smooth state. Unlike other straightening techniques, most keratin treatments actually replenish the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. They penetrate and coat the hair, but do no damage to the cuticle. The result is "naturally" straight, silky hair that can be styled with ease.

The effects of a keratin treatment are "semi-permanent." The hair's volume slowly returns over a given period, depending on the formula and technique used. The healing effects can last much longer. 

This products undergone already clinical test and proven safe & effective to use.  We can assure that this product is 100% genuine from Brazil and passed the requirements of Qatar Product Standardization for assurance of safeness of the product.

80 boxes available on stock. For bulk orders, QR500.00/box minimum order of 50 boxes.

For other inquiries, please call 30880355.

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