2 CATS (sisters) Seeking new home

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Ellie (Grey and White) and her sister Evie (Black and White) are very energetic and the best friends you could ask for!

Unfortunately me and my wife live in a small apartment and we just don't have the space that they need anymore- we love them dearly and want them to go to a family that has good experience with energetic cats and people that will have plenty of time with them too.
Although they are pretty good unsupervised, they like having someone around to cuddle with (especially Ellie!) Both cats are about 15 weeks old.

We also need someone with either a large apartment or house to come forward because these two love to run around and need the space. There is no cost for these two adorable cats.

Fully Vaccinated, Appointment to be neutered in January


They will come with: litter box, carry case, food bowls and toys


Please contact 7793 4732 or shabaz_bashir@hotmail.com for more information.

Contact Details

7793 4732