2 bhk flat for rent - Mansoura

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Flat will be available on 1st of July for you to occupy. Monthly Rent is 6000/- excluding W&E and unfurnished. The flat is on the first floor and has its own dedicated parking. Spacious flat with big hall and bedrooms, two toilets and closed type kitchen. 

If you are interested in the flat however, you will have to purchase the two window ac's from the owner. The 1 ton for Qr. 200 and the 2ton for 1200/- its a brand new Ac with 11 months warranty from lulu(Purchase price was 1700/- bought in April 2015).

The monthly cheques are enchashed on the 15th of every month, so if you will take the Flat on the 1st of July, you will have to pay half the rent of June-July. 

In summary: 

1 Ton Window AC = Qr. 200

2 Ton Window AC = Qr. 1200

Half month rent for June-July = Qr. 2750

Commission = Qr. 2500

Total of Qr. 6650/-

Commission and payment for the AC will be paid before we meet the landlord to make the contract. The balance payment for half month rent will be paid at the end of June.

If you are interested in viewing the flat, call me anytime after 3.00pm. See map for location. Hurry flat is located in a prime area, close to all groceries and supermarkets.

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