Why am I doing all of this?

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Someone asked me why I was doing everything that I do with ILQ. Reasons?
  • I want Qatar to be the country that I 'WANT' to have my children grow up in.
  • I want to bridge the gap between locals and expats
  • People used to say "Qataris are the most hospitable people in the world". I want us to reclaim that title.
  • I want to be vocal about the issues that people are either too lazy to talk about or worried that they don't have the right to talk about.
  • I want to give back to the expat communities that leave everything back home to come to my country. (We're not debating the reason why different  people are here)
  • The Emir has done so much for us Qataris. Shouldn't Qataris take some of the load off of his shoulders? When we pick up our passports, we're reminded with a leaflet that each citizen represents his country.
  • I want Qatar to improve. (Better service, hard work, quality of life, or even better, for things to actually make SENSE)
  • I want to bust some myths and disprove stereotypes
  • I want to encourage a different style of thinking
  • I DON'T want my children to grow up thinking that I never did anything worth while in life.
Alright bed-time. The more I write, the more sappier I get :P