We're not the Borg!

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What do these two images have in common? Some of you might be squinting by now and wondering 'is this a trick question?' Some of you might not even see the difference! (By the way that photo on the right is not me. I actually resemble the one on the left some mornings though.) I'm actually somewhat disappointed at the fact that so many people in Qatar seem to thing that Qataris are a strange and mysterious race. Alright I give in, you're right. Star Wars Attack of the Clones was based on Qataris. We all act the same, wear white, and walk in unison. On a serious note, I know this might come as a shocker, but we're all independent. Actually scratch that, I do know some people who act the same but GUESS WHAT? Cliques and groups all over the world exist. Where's this spawning from? I hate it when someone has a bad experience in a cue and some Qatari jumps in front and people say "Look at these people". I hate it when a Qatari speeds down the road and people say "Wow these people have no respect". We're not the borg! Everyone's different, everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own dreams and goals. Believe it or not, that rude guy who jumped you in the cue would probably do the same thing to me! The only difference is that I've got a big mouth and I know how to articulate my thoughts. I thought it was funny when someone on a typically negative site (which shall remain un-named) mentioned that Qataris only marry Qataris. Some do, WOW, shocker there, but I know Qataris who've married, Brits, Americans, Bahrainis, Germans, French, Spanish, Mexican, and Japanese people. Believe me, I swear this isn't some master plan to confuse you, but just like every country in this world, you'll find ALL sorts. Alright, I'm off to my weekly Qatari Land Cruiser meet-up. The topic today is how to mess up the economy.