[Vlog] Mr. Q visits Korea - Ep. 1 - Gangnam Time

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First of all, I just wanted to thank all you people who have been encouraging me to keep going with my vlogs. What do you prefer? The Vlogs or the Blogs? (Maybe both?) Remember, sharing, commenting, leaving me a thumbs up, those things keeps me going :) Thanks to your views, I've managed to hit the legendary 301+ on YouTube for my Korea video! Don't know why 301+ is special? It means that you're getting a flood of views, so YouTube freezes it at 301+ for a while for protection.

Mr. Q Visits Korea

I decided to go on down to Korea with a couple of bros. After all, it's the 'IT' country right now right? (I mean it, not I.T.)
I checked out a bit of the night, digital screens, Gangnam Kabab, and this super lonely pigeon.