Villaggio is now open (20th Sep 2012) - Updated: 21/9/12

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20120920-101017.jpg So great (or disappointing depending in your perspective) news for the weekend. Villaggio mall is open (or is opening). @fzaghmout and @queensara33 tipped us that the mall was open. Now I was skeptical. Last time mall management told us that it was opening, they didn't. I learned that they were always hopeful rather than realistic. ILQ's friends, @dohanews, posted that the mall was open after hearing from Villaggio, however I needed a bit more than the managements word. The expression #burnmeonce comes to mind. Havent been to DohaNews? Check them out, they're awesome. So asked on twitter and @hamishfs confirmed that he was in the mall itself but very few stores were open. On our Facebook pages, we were told that people weren't allowed in because of fired drills and civil defense testing not finished. So people were told to exit. Extra thanks to @azmiodeh and @haniarif for getting back to me. Update: now I'm told that people are allowed in. Who's going to take the first smiley pic in the mall and send it over? :p Update2: The fire victims families have issued a public letter, read it here.