Speak Out Against Racism #SOAR

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The positive people will see the hashtag #SOAR as in, if we stop Racism, we can soar. The negative people might see it that Racism makes us sore. Whichever side you sit on, I'm guessing that the common ground here is that racism is wrong. Qatar is a unique country. Us locals? We're just 8% of the population. We rely on an expat work force, and the expats rely on Qatar to help save up for a better future. It's a win win situation right? You'd think so, but I clearly feel like there's a rift between different groups. I'm not talking about Locals VS Expats, it's bigger than that. I see expats hating on expats. Qataris hating on Qataris. Some locals feel discriminated against in their own country. Some expats judge all Qataris based on the actions of few (like those who jump cues). Trust me. It's not necessarily a nationality thing. It's a rude person thing; and guess what? That rude person is rude to everyone, even to his own nationals. Before I get started, let me just put this out there. We're all a little bit racist. That person who just cut you off in traffic? You peeked in his/her window, saw that he/she might  be *insert nationality*, and THEN, shouted (in the comfort of your own car), "Damn *insert nationality*". Our goal isn't to try and eradicate racism, let's face it, while we'd love to, that's a battle the world has been fighting for a while. What we aim to do though, is get more people to speak out in situations where racism is obvious. We're saying that it isn't alright to stereotype. We're saying don't do to others what you would like done to yourself. We're saying, let's all just get along and celebrate the amazing melting pot that Qatar is. We're going to be launching a number of different episodes and I hope that we'll see other people put together their own videos, flyers, activities, anything really. Our first video is called Clones by Ramy Khalaf. It stars local celebrity Hamad Al Amari. We cloned him. In this world, all Hamad sees are other Hamads. Hamad's getting a bit frustrated with life because, wherever he looks, everything appears to be exactly the same. It's Ironic, since he's a stand up comedian and in this world, he's depressed. A world without diversity isn't worth living. Love being different.
----- Although we've only just launched, we're almost at 2,000 views, so this is clearly something that a lot of people feel. So far, I've received some great replies and posts too. Crowne Plaza posted on Facebook: "The Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park team has over 30 nationalities and we love celebrating our differences! We embrace the diversity found in this vibrant multicultural city ‎#Doha. #SOAR" W Hotel Tweeted: "With over 63 nationalities working at W Doha, we support @iloveqatar #SOAR campaign! #SpeakOutAgainstRacism" Doha News helped to spread the word with their post: "Video campaign launched to urge Qatar’s residents to speak out against racism" Support the cause! Spread the word #SOAR