So we're on the 3rd day of the Asian Cup

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Well we're on the 3rd day of the Asian Cup and a lot has been going on! I thought that I'd put some stuff together! Now the first day was all about the Fan Zone! First of all, let me warn you that I'm sure that parking is going to be a problem. Entrance is 15QR and you get to enjoy all the different fun and games inside. The first day we went though, it was free (nice surprise). That meant that the Jay Sean and Karl Wolf concert was absolutely free! Click here for Pictures of the Fan Zone A lot of people also turned out for the free concert. However it wasn't all fun and games. There was hardly any crowd control as people were pushing and shoving (mosh pit) and the security were useless! (I'll post a video later on showing how they just stood there). Here's a video of Jay Sean and Karl Wolf live in concert and singing Qatar's Yalla Asian song. Oh and our favourite Qatari comedian Mohd Kamal was the host!