Shukran H.H. Sheikh Hamad - How can YOU be a part of this?

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So I was sitting around with Hamad Al Amari and Ramy Khalaf, discussing all the types of videos we wanted to do and it dawned on us. We should put together a video thanking H.H. Sheikh Hamad for everything he has helped Qatar achieved. He's paved the way and it's on us to keep going. So we put out a tweet and asked anybody who wanted to be in it to get the ball rolling. We got some great people who were eager to be a part of it. (I apologize to those who we weren't able to film, it's tricky trying to meet up with people around Qatar and not delay the video too much). Then we thought, wait a minute, we're sure that A LOT of people would love to probably say thanks their own way, so we put together an online social activity (let's see how it goes!), we're asking people to post a VIDEO RESPONSE to this video saying thanks for whatever reason they feel thankful for. Interested? I really do hope so. It'll only take a bit of time out of your day. All you need to do, is grab a camera, film your response, click on the comments section on YouTube and then click the link that says Post Video Response and then share your video with us. We'll then take all of the responses and edit it into one video :) Sound fun? Let's do this!