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One of the things that I advise anyone whenever thinking about making a move to Qatar is to make sure that you weigh your options. Today I’m going to stress on the fact that there are too many bullshitters out there. Yes. I said it. I’m being right out there.


The fact of the matter is, a smart person will be able to see through the truth and through a bitter person’s biased opinions.

Let’s get a few things out in the open shall we?

Yes Qatar is being hit by inflation

The government is putting measures in place to curb inflation

Yes the Qatari Riyal is becoming a bit weaker because of the Dollar

There are plans of removing the link and moving to a basket of currencies. Kuwait has done that and their currency is 27% stronger.

The minimum cost of an apartment is higher than an average developing nation.

With new apartments and skyscrapers there’ll be more accommodations and more competition.

Yes you need an exit permit or multiple exit visa to leave work easily.

The newspapers have already announced that this is changing and the rule might be abolished.


I want to highlight a post by a member from QatarLiving. Don’t get me wrong, that person probably wanted to help out people from the goodness of his heart. However if someone really wants to help, they need to be completely truthful, unbiased, and make sure that fact and opinion are divided clearly. Here’s a couple of points that he mentioned: He said Qatar’s normal summer temperature is in the 50s, that’s CELSIUS. No it’s not… the average in fact is the high 30s but I’d say that it feels like around 42 most of the time. Two years ago it hit 52c and it was in the news. That’s how ‘exciting’ it was. He said that the minimum cost for a 1bedroom apartment around the city  is 6,000QR. Let’s look in the forums. There’s a guy listing a TWO bedroom apartment for 6,500QR. I’ve helped people find apartments for 4,000. Now if he wanted to be realistic he’d say 6,000QR average near a certain area, but sadly, he’s not being completely honest here. At the end of the day, remember what I’m about to say. Different people have different experiences in any country they go to. Some are negative (I’m not saying that this poster was), and some have a more positive experience. Smile, focus on finding the good side, and make some Qatari friends. They’ll help you out when you need it. :)