Searching for a job in Doha Qatar?

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One of the biggest questions we get at ILQ is 'How do I get a job in Qatar?'; which is then usually followed by 'Can you help me get a job?' or 'Know of any vacancies in Qatar?' At the moment, a couple of ways of searching for jobs on ILQ is through our Beta Classifieds or through the forum (Job Hunting). (That's all changing to something fantastic). However, I wanted to take the time to mention a great start-up Qatar Visitor Jobs. It's still building up, but it's growing at a great rate and I thought I'd share it with you. Also, don't forget that ILQ has some great quick guides. See: Working in Qatar and Moving to Qatar and The Ultimate Expat Workers Guide Tags: Getting a job in Qatar, Searching for a job in Doha Qatar, finding a job in Qatar