Qatar's very own Stand Up Comedian - Moh'd Kamal (and he's funny too!)

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There's no doubt that Moh'd Kamal is one of the funniest Qataris around. I'm so very proud that he's doing what he loves and not only that, he's now an ambassador too! I definately encourage all Qataris to break out of the mould and to be creative. It's not always about being a manager or a doctor, (As Mohd explains himself in one of his skits). Don't forget to check out his national day videos at His brand new YouTube channel at His Facebook group (Please join it and like it to show support!) His Twitter Now this guy won the Ahmed Ahmed (from Axis of Evil) standup competition, was at the Amman Comedy Festival, performed with Erik Griffin and Edwin San Juan, and he's only just started! He's also not only supported by, but also bythe Doha Film Institute too! Did you know that besides being a comedian he's also doing great stuff for the community? I'll leave him to tell you what he's been up to in the comments below. Keep it up Moh'd! Way to go!

Photo by Daisy from ILQ Forums