Qatar Dream 2030 - Animated Video - Must watch

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This is pretty awesome. I don't know why I never noticed this video before but it was submitted to ILQ after it was found on a Japanese blog no-less. It's a great video brought to you by the National Day Committee. It is part of a live action series for children produced as part of the Dream 2030 campaign. The goal is to encourage the youth to work towards the 2030 vision! 3ajeeb! Platige  Image ( was chosen, from a group of leading postproduction studios all over the world, by the representatives of the government of Qatar to cooperate with them on creating the promotional animation for "Dream 2030" - a social campaign directed at youg children. The campaing is organised together with the State National Day Committee. It's objective is to promote loyalty, solidarity and unity amongst the youngest Qatari -- values important to the development of this relatively young nation. It also wants to promote creative thinking and motivate the youngest to hard work. It is a longterm project, it has been planned for the next 19 years.
I think it's cool how it's Disney style.