The problem with blogs

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The problem with blogs is that anybody who's got a computer and an internet connection (all other accessories are optional), can have one. I mean, I encourage them! In fact, go to and open your own blog now! However you should always realise that it's just a person writing his opinions down. However, some individuals have some strong influence. When I write, I try to make it clear that I'm just sharing some thoughts or commenting on an issue, however some think that they are writing down fact. This is fact. 1+1=2. Plain and simple. Writing down your opinion is NOT. Let's look at Mr. Genious over here. Now he comments on FIFA and how they're not doing their job. FIFA makes rules. Rules need to be followed. If FIFA said that if you spat on the ground you'd be expelled, then I'd expect everyone who spat on the ground to be expelled. However this blogger seems to have his own views on things and seems to try to spread his garbage through his internal hate. After reading that, go on and read my comments on this issue. the Qatar FA was asked to ensure that the players were fine and they did just that. At NO point is it NORMAL to ensure that your players have falsified their passports and birth certificates, and as soon as it WAS brought to Qatar's attention, they pulled him out! His arguments are so very flawed! A referee was born in Qatar but lived in the Emirates all his lief and IS Emiratee, so he must have been helping Qatar? Then he goes on about a consipiracy about the Qatar Iraq match. I'm guessing he's thinking Qatar paid Iraq to lose. Which the thought of is just stupid. Then he says that Bahrain is helping out Qatar. Two countries who are pure rivals when it comes to sport. If he doesn't like the rules, he should play a different game. Seem's to me someone's not had their juice box.