The People's Tweets (and FB Comments) - 'Worst Customer Service'

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As interesting as asking people where they got the 'Best Customer Service in Qatar', people asked me to poll where people consider to be the worst when it comes to customer service. My question was simple, "If you had to name ONE place that has given you bad customer service, where would it be?" I now present you with the answers. (Not that many people were specific with their problems. In some cases, it's specific branches that are horrible. It only takes one branch though to ruin a brand. Hopefully businesses will use this list to improve! Remember, these people don't like you so much that they took the time to let everyone on twitter and facebook know! Important note: these are just individual people's opinions. There's always the chance that one person had a really hard time, it doesn't mean that each user speaks for everyone. 51 East (payment system) - @lauraosheadj Karwa - @joeagdeppa Digitek (Ramada Signal) - @vanish_forever Pizza Hut (Caravan Complex Ramada) - @nyk990 Q-Tel - @DohaBen Crono - @bradycreel H&M - @Toryscott Standard Chartered - @Quesjad Mont Blanc - @Realmadrid18 Qtel (retail) - @shivasingh Toyota (service center) - @SweetyMathewB LuLu (near airport) - @MamtaSingh Porsche - @ArendJK DeJaVu Cafe - @nasnas_here Jeep - @moha_doha Cinque Sensi - @badaa2 Qtel (City Center) - @susiefoxton (From here it's Facebook comments at ) Shop Rite (Airport area) - MAshiq Qtel - A-Althani TGI Fridays - J.Oakes Qtel - Markie Ahli Hospital - Diana.R Sephora (Landmark) - Amanda.B Qtel - Saphal.K Qtel - Fisher.M Qtel - Shafiek.F Qtel - Rida.A Qatar Airways - Rub.M Qtel - Jay.T Oysho (both bra Qtel - Kaser.M Qtel - Arnaldo.S Qtel - Chris.P Two users gave me multiple answers. Next time one answer only please because I cannot choose from your list. Hamad Hospital, Vodafone, Karwa, Etihad, and Bvlgari - Cindy Mus Oysho (both branches), Range Rover, Doha Arrivals terminal, Qtel, Qatar Airways - S.Al.M