New Patchi Opens (Le Notre and Rogers Diner soon too)

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Here's a nice example of a positive experience from a company in Qatar. While driving back from a very poor experience at a restaurant (which will soon be reviewed at Dine out Doha), I had passed by a building that was right opposite of Blue Saloon and next to Regency Travel, it stood out because it looked modern, had some colorful lights on it and Rogers Diner grabbed my attention. I drive up to the car park and parked round back. The good news is that they've got underground parking by the way! I know! I was pleasantly surprised myself. Walking into Patchi (a chocolate gift shop), I walked through a marble doorway and the first thing I see in front of me is this huge wall of colorfully wrapped chocolates. First impressions? This feels more like Japan than Qatar. Great to see someone stepping up standards. A man came up to me and offered me some arabic coffee. To my right was the their silver-ware and glass ornaments, and to my left was special packaging for children and special occasions. Near the center were individual peices of chocolate on glass pedistal. The general manager came up to me and was very excited to share the concept and history of Patchi. He called over his PR manager who rocked up and explained that Patchi is a Lebanese brand and that the owner visited Italy and learned a word which sounded quite similar to the word Patchi and meant kiss. I love kissing chocolates! The opening of this store is Patchi's sixth believe it or not. What impresses me is that each Patchi seems to step up their own game a bit. So here's the question you probably have on the edge of your tongue. "So are their chocolates any good?". Before I answer that, they've got a variety of 55 chocolates, and they compromise of different types of chocolate, fruit, nuts, and cream fillings. What I thought was a nice touch is that they also do custom packaging for any occasion. They explained that for Ramadan, they've got dried fruits, dates, coffee beans and halwa dipped in chocolate. Their chocolate with the date center was delicious! Alright so to answer your question, their chocolate is delicious. It tastes rich, it's not too hard and melts in your mouth. I recommend giving the place a visit. I also wanted to point something out that I hope other companies take note of. Upon leaving with a few snaps, they gave us a small bag and explained that they had some nice info and press release info if I wanted to read up on it. Oh and there was a lovely small box of chocolates in it that VANISHED the same night. Honestly, I don't know how they ended up in my stomach! Take note though! They've only just done their soft-launch, so they're still tidying up the carpark area. I'm told it should be all nice and pretty in a few weeks. Check out some pics in the gallery! [gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]