Mr. Q's list of people who should be deported

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Oh no he di'int. (Think of a woman named Laquisha saying that). I decided that since people seem to be under the impression that Qatari's have a magical iPhone application that enables us to deport people with the touch of a button, then I might as well create a list of people that I wish I really could deport. 1) The guy in the right lane who decides to not just turn left at a round about, but also attempt a U-Turn. You know who you are Mr. crappy pick up truck or busted up Honda Civic. 2) The guy who says 'next week'. You know the guy. He works in a small store, and when you walk in and ask if he's got something, he says 'Next week', when he KNOWS he's not getting them in next week. He just wants you to come by the store again. That's like the equivelant of night clubs in the UK that build up a cue outside, even though nobody is inside! 3) Crappy customer care agents. Who promise to call you back soon and don't. No I don't mean they don't call back soon. They never call back.... Never. 4) That guy who stares so hard that he either might have constipation OR thinks he's superman and is trying to shoot lazer beams out of his eyes. Yeah Yeah, we live in a society where there is a 3/1 ratio of men to women, but common!! These dudes don't just stare down women, they stare down everyone! I feel naked when they look at me :( 5) All those people who never smile or say thank you when you hold the door open for them. Although it was my life long dream to be a door opener, I never graduated from door opening school, so I never got the job... I open doors for free now. Well maybe not for free payment is a smile or thanks! 6) Lazy Traffic police. I think they didn't get the memo. Traffic police aren't supposed to CAUSE traffic. Why is that there's always a super build up of traffic at a round about? 7) Roundabouts. While I'm dreaming. Let's deport roundabouts. Bring over underpasses and bridges to keep traffic FLOWING. 8) Both insensitive and sensitive people when it comes to religion. Can't handle people wearing a bikini at a beach? Don't go to that beach. Think it's funny that some people cover up a lot when they go to the beach? Then... *sighs*.... 9) Guys with pointy shoes. You definately know who I'm talking about. They usually wear tight shirts, have greasy hair, and pointy shoes. Looking like you came straight out of Saturday Night Fever is NOT going to come back into fashion! Women like men that are clean and look fresh. Plus you might poke someone's eye out with those shoes! So who do YOU think should be deported?