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I'm feeling proud today. Despite being sick with a fever and a soar throat, what happened today was great. I was asked to speak at the ictQatar Business Connect seminar today at Al Sharq Village. http://www.ictqatar.qa/output/page977.asp however what I experienced today was something special. The conference halls were packed full of people. Who knew there would be so many people that would be interested on starting up online businesses? I'm not going to act indifferent, (as some do to seem 'cool'), since I was 'stoked' for lack of a better word. In the middle of my presentation, I had a standing applause, and by the end, I had swarms of people coming up to me, and various companies that all wanted to be a part of iLoveQatar.net Long story short, it was just the type of moral support that I needed to rejuvenate my enthusiasm. Of course, I also appreciate the fact there are so many people online and in the Qatari community that support me on a daily basis! I'll be posting my presentation up soon  for you to go ahead and read through at your leisure :) update: as promised here's the presentation and the presentation transcript. ILQ ICT Presentation ILQ ICT Transcript