Great Wall?? Think about Great Mall!

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Well as Paperboy on ILQ so rightly mentioned this was covered back in October 2008 and by yours truly however it's just been making the rounds on the net and had a little blurb on the side column of today's Gulf Times. (see below) untitled-1 This project is going to be home to an amazing amount of shops. Who knows, perhaps ILQ will have it's own little shop there! For now we'll be happy with the Great Mall of Qatar. Some may argue that it's too huge or too much of a grand project but if you ask me, I think it's great to have some more choice of where to go. It'll develop the Industrial Area nicely and spread out conjestion around Qatar :). I have to mention one CRUCIAL mistake though in the Gulf Times article. It's a Qatar newspaper and this is Qatar so they should know that we call the sport FOOTBALL not Soccer! (When I go to the US I'll gladly call it soccer.) Here's the original thread with photos - Click here for 8KM Shopping - Barwa Ain Khalid