The Garangao Song

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Here's the Garangao song. Here’s the song! Play it loud! Lyrics: Garangao Girga oh. Atoona allah yateekum Bayt Mecca ya wadeekum Ya Mecca Yal mamoora Yam il salasil wal thahab ya noora Atoona min mal allah Yislam lakum Abdulla. Now this part of the song is special. You usually end it with the family name or the name of the father of the house (if you know it). So the ending of the song changes. For example: Khalifa: Atoona dahbat leefa Salam Ala Khalifa Translation: Garangao Girga oh Give us what God gave you To Mecca he’ll take you The greatly filled Mecca Covered with tassles, gold and light Give us what God  have given Abdulla greets you with smiles Khalifa: Please give me us a bit of sweets Please say hi to Khalifa. So who’s going to be the first person to memorize and sing the song? HAPPY GARANGAO EVERYONE! Related articles:

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