Freedom centre that isn't free

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I was so proud of the fact that Qatar has been taking leaps and bounds in terms of creating a nation that was free. My country. Qatar. It was no longer the American dream, but the Qatari dream. A country where you could see a developing nation become what so many people had sought. Skyscrapers emerging from the sands; An education city that set the benchmark for the region; a King and Queen who wanted nothing but the best for their people. I love the fact that Qatar is a blank page. It gives us the chance to take use our minds to draw the future we always wanted. I love the fact that my country is trying to create peace around the world. I could say that MY country cared. When the Doha Media Freedom Centre was created, "wow!", I thought, "Qatar's opening minds now!". How sad it is that the Centre is no more. How could it exist if there are still those that rely on keeping people blind? I don't know who they are and I don't know what the full story is, however at the end of the day if we're to judge others, we open the door to be judged. Click here to read 'The Doha Media Freedom Centre is no more".