First look - Al Wakrah Stadium - Video, Pics, and Goals

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Alright everyone, a lot of people have been talking about the World Cup 2022 happening in Qatar and one of the most exciting things is the development happening around the country. One of the stadiums that a lot of people have been interested in is Al Wakrah Stadium. Especially since it was one of the final stadiums to be unveiled. Mystery is exciting right? So I now present to you Al Wakrah Stadium! A 40,000 seater and cooled stadium located 15km south of Doha in Wakrah. (Interesting fact, that's were fishermen and pearl divers based themselves).
Al Wakrah Stadium 2022 Al Wakrah Stadium 2022
Also, the Qatar 2022 team shared some stuff with me. They wanted to let everyone know what their goals are (heh heh pun intended). Remember these goals everyone. They'll have to stick by them! 1- Drive and deliver an outstanding Fifa World Cup Programme. (Yes! I want people to admire Qatar!) 2- Build high quality talent and establish a centre of excellence (Nice, who's going to be the Qatari Pele?) 3- Deliver an exceptional national and international experience (Not entirely sure what they mean here) 4- Support economic diversification and business environment development (That's a pretty big mouthful, but it's related to getting the private sector involved). 5- Promote football and healthy lifestyles (nice, my recommendation is to have more places for people to play football. Like literally, I should be able to call up my friends and say, let's go play, and then find a field to play in. Right now, I couldn't even play at Aspire park if I wanted to.) 6- Improve environmental sustainability (They're committed to LEED, GSAS, and reducing the Qatar carbon footprint. I'd like to know a bit more on the how. The fact that it's a priority is fantastic though.) The stadium is also going to be harnessing solar energy to help power as much as possible. Some other fun facts in numbers. 24-28 is the range of temperature that the stadiums will be at 50 is the maximum number of km between stadiums. 1981 is when Qatar reached the final of the Fifa World Youth Championships for the first time (defeating Brazil and England). 170,000 the number of seats that Qatar will donate to countries in need of sporting infrastructure following the world cup. 50 million the expected per annum capacity of the new Hamad International Airport by 2022 Anyway, I'm excited for what's to come. I can't wait for even more projects to be completed. On the way to making the world proud? Hope so!