Example of my day

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Just to put things into perspective. Here's my typical schedule. 6am - Wakeup 7am - Office 7:30 - Reply to emails 8:30 - Meeting 9am - Head off to pic up breifcase and PS images for office 10am - Chase up with mortgage guy and get nowhere 11am - Phonecalls 11:30 - Call up Ministry and try to organize 'Minute of Silence' for expat community 1pm - Start to feel hungry from fasting 2:30pm - Meeting for ILQ 4pm - go to Damac to deal with investments and slam a few lieing salesman 5:30 - Drop of car at Lexus for service 6:30 - Get home and take uncle's car (it's out of battery) 7pm - it's charged so I need to drive it around to top off the battery 7:30pm - Finally eat 8pm - Yoga (I need it if I'm going to be healthy and breathe properly) 9pm - Work on ILQ and reply to any extra emails *tired* People usually ask me where I get the time. It's just proper time management and optimism.