The Emiri announcement - Here's what I've heard (UPDATED)

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First of all, thank you so much for your messages and comments saying that we're a source you can trust. It really means a lot to us. People saw this post by Al Jazeera titled 'Qatari emir to meet ruling family members' and a post on our sister site Doha News titled 'Report: Qatar’s Emir to meet with ruling family members to discuss succession plans' and then started to ask questions. So here's what we've heard. When's the announcement? An announcement is going to be made at 4PM today 8AM on the 25th. It might not necessarily be the change of power, rather the announcement that there will be a shift. Is there a holiday tomorrow the 25th of June? People have been sharing that tomorrow will be a holiday. Everyone, just WAIT for the official announcement. Tomorrow MIGHT be a holiday, it would only be natural to give the country a day to celebrate. Update: There have been posts on twitter quoting the EMIRI DIWAN and also from Al Arab Newspaper saying that the there will be a holiday on the 25th. This does NOT mean that all businesses will have a holiday necessarily. It just confirms that government institutions will be on holiday. Sources: @ahjh_althani and @alarabnewspaper and QatarNewsAgency What to the Qatari people think? I can't speak for everyone, but those friends and family that I 'have' spoken to, trust in the Emir, trust in Sheikh Tamim, and believe that Qatar will always be protected, progressive, and with a strong vision. Feeling patriotic? Here's Qatar's National Anthem with translation in english :)
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