A day to feel pride - National Day

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Qatar is building on celebrations year on year. There are a number of huge milestones and events that have lead up to this as well. Look at the launch of the Museum of Islamic Art, The Media Expo, Qatar Media Freedom Center, the involvement in Philipines resolutions, advancement in Human Rights, the launch of other huge developments for example, winning the World Cup, and the list goes on. Qatar’s definitely in the spotlight and Doha will continue to shine bright as long as changes keep happening. So whether you’re Qatari, American, British, Indian, Philipino, Japanese, Chinese or any other nationality, and let's face it, Qatar is a melting pot of diversity, please celebrate National Day with us! Let happiness run through you like a rush of energy. Here's a thought to make you smile. Think of each firework that goes off on December 18 as the sound of the country’s heartbeat. One common question I’m asked is how is it that Qatar changed National Day's date? It never changed. They're thinking of Independence day, which is on the 3rd of September. Here's some more info on National day (from QatarNationalDay.qa) On 18 December 1878, Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed bin Thani succeeded his father as the ruler of Qatar. With that, Qatar became a country with a vision… a country that would find unity, grow rapidly, and reach toward ever higher heights. National Day, also known as Founder's Day, celebrates the rise of Sheikh Jassem as the father and founder of the State of Qatar. And yet this holiday is a mere two years old: it was founded in 2007 to give people an occasion to honour the history and identity of their country, and to commemorate those who have worked and continue to work to make Qatar a great nation. The 18th of December is a special day – a day of unity for the people of Qatar. We want you to be a part of it!