Are you a new owner in the Pearl? You'll want to read this.

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I thought I might shed some light as to what's the 'norm' when it comes to buying a property and what to do after hand-over. I've recently had the delightful news of having the keys being handed over to me at the Porto Arabia project at The Pearl. I have to admit that I was SHOCKED at the fact that I could hardly find any issues to raise before agreeing to sign the handover form. I'm serious... I did find that one of the sockets was slightly wonky and a bit of paint on one of the tiles but that was it. For a moment I had thought, wow... they've really stepped up their game (side note: different properties have different developers by the way). I was sadly disappointed though when I received an email from the Pearl telling me that I had to sign a document that agreed to The Pearl Owners corporation to maintain the building. It also included 'community rules', insurance, and so on. (Wait a minute... I didn't agree to any community rules... the tenants association should be the ones putting this together in the first place). Now what annoyed me was how the letter started in explaining that they are appointed by the pearl. As if it's a done deal. Wait a minute.. we don't have a choice here? That means they could turn around at any time and say 1 million riyal service charge please. In this case it had also said that I needed to pay 12,000 in maintanence fees for the year. (It's a 1 bedroom apartment). I didn't hesitate in picking up the phone and contacting one of the property managers at The Pearl to ask about what was going on. I first started off the phone call by saying that I was surprised by an email I got but before explaining what the email contained, I wanted to know if what I was about to explain was the norm and if the manager agreed with me. Usually once an apartment is handed over, the developers maintain the property for the period of one year. This is to ensure that any issues with the building, common areas, and so on are taken care of (as it's part of the snagging process). When reaching the end of the year, a tenants association is put together and they represent the tenants in the building. The tenants association is supposed to take tenders from different management companies and then select the one that would be the best to manage the property on behalf of the tenants. Usually for at least three months, a maintenance fee is NOT paid. This is because tenants should not have to pay to repair a brand new building. I should also get a copy of what they propose, rules, how they calculate the charges etc.. The manager agreed. I then explained the contents of the email and what I was being asked to sign. He promised to look into this and get back to me. Now once I hear back, I'll post an update to this post so check back for more and in the  mean-time, I recommend that you do NOT sign any documents committing to anything after hand-over. I really do hope this isn't a case of 'Buy an apartment from the pearl, be forced to pay a company appointed by the pearl, pay whatever fees the pearl wants, and live by the pearl's rules as well'. Not really worth the price of sacrificing freedom in my opinion. This would be another example for why not to buy in Qatar at the moment if this is true... (I really do hope I'm wrong!)