Apple cancels orders - No more Aramex :(

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Oh Apple why do you do this to me? Where's the company that inspired us all to 'Think Different'. If an Apple employee ever reads this, shrugs, and says "Yeah right"; it'll be a true tragedy. So I had ordered some iPads from the US store to be sent back home to me here in Doha. Most stores don't send internationally, so Aramex's Shop&Ship's service comes in handy. For those that don't know Aramex, it's basically the Arabian FedEx, but more importantly, it's our link to the West's fantastic world of shopping. What Shop&Ship gives you is a US and UK address so that you can order stuff online, send it to your new address and they'll forward it off to you. Sadly though! After ordering everything for the Apple store, I just received an email telling me that they don't ship to P.O.Boxes OR Forwarders. They also told me that I had a day to change the address or the order would be cancelled. What's more, they're enforcing a 'two per person' policy. *sighs* why oh why. Anyway, so I posted on twitter and facebook that I needed a US address and luckily I had 9 people offer to help out. (Thanks everyone!) but the point is, I'm almost tempted to just cancel my order and give up on Apple... *twiddles thumbs* Edit: Want an iPad shipped to Qatar or anywhere?! Visit and grab an iPad. (It's around 1,000 QR cheaper than most shops in Qatar.