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Qatar Tourism Authority opens representative offices in China

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The new QTA offices will be headquartered in Beijing, with supporting locations in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The opening announcement comes as Qatar is awarded approved destination status by China. Click here to learn more!

‘Red carpet’ all the way

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The street is the first of its kind in the State of Qatar as it is covered with red asphalt.

Five ‘Dessert Destinations’ in Doha you should try!

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Sometimes we just want to focus on the sweet side of life – so we asked our friends over at Zomato Qatar to help us with some top sweet spots to satisfy those sugar cravings. Click here to read on!


QToons takes on driving in Doha!

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Our weekly comic contributor, artist Abdulaziz Yousef from Temsa7 cartoons, is back with another installment of QToons! Click here for more.

Shopping IKEA Qatar? There’s an app for that!

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Not only has the 2018 IKEA catalogue arrived in Qatar – but they’ve got a brand-new shiny app to boot! Click here to find out how your shopping experience is about to change!

QTips: Why do Qataris always live with their parents?

Why do Qataris live with their parents even when they're old enough to move out? Watch the video to find out! 

Things To Do In Doha: September 10 - September 17

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Welcome back from the holidays! Here’s our weekly Things To Do in Doha! Check out ILQ’s listings, we guarantee they'll be worth your while! Read on to find out more!

Qatar announces visa facilitation measures for Moroccans and Algerians

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Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) today announced a new visa system for visitors from Morocco and Algeria.

2017 Summer Cool Campaign gives thanks to Qatar's workers

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Volunteers and community groups in Qatar came together on Saturday, September 9, 2017 to distribute cool-boxes of water, juice, and sunblock, in an effort of appreciation for those workers building our city under the heat. Click here to read more! 



Qatar's Emir speaks to Saudi Crown Prince amid ongoing GCC dispute

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Al Jazeera reports that the Qatari and Saudi leaders express willingness to start talks in phone call, but apparent protocol dispute causes hiccup. Click here to learn more!